Laurent L

Faithful since 2010, I am a project manager in electricity and automation. My diverse skills allow me to draw up electrical plans, programme automats and create control-supervision programmes.


Chief Executive since 2014, I am responsible for the company’s performance: defining objectives, monitoring projects and evaluating results.

OUR passionate people at your service

Our team, composed of 26 passionate people, has the strength of long experience in industrial electricity solutions, automation, instrumentation and piping.

The priority for our engineers and technicians is to offer our customers all-in solutions that are a precise match for their needs through: an attentive ear, mobilising technical skills and expertise, using innovative technology, and high quality execution.


I joined GPAI in 2015 and I am in charge of administration, planning, the storehouse and purchases. I am in everyday contact with you, working at the heart of the company.


I work for GPAI since 2011. I'm often working onsite because I'm in charge of commissioning electrical cabinets.

Christophe M

I joined GPAI in 2010 to carry out technical drawings. My main job is to design plans for electrical installations and cabinets. I am also the new head of safety.

Henri D

I joined GPAI early 2018 and I am part of the team of draftsman. My main task is to plan the installation of the electrical equipment in the cabinets and to make the corresponding diagrams.


A member of GPAI since its foundation in 2010, I am responsible for validating medical equipment. After everything has been tested, I write the compliancy reports.


I have been a storekeeper at GPAI since 2017. I take care of the inventory tracking and I ensure the interface between the deliveries/shipments for all the electricians


Technical director since GPAI’s foundation in 2010, I am in charge of projects that combine process, electricity and automation. I am the technology expert at the company.


A member of GPAI since 2019, I am responsible for validating medical equipment.


At the end of my studies I chose to join GPAI: I am part of the industry team. My main tasks are assembly, wiring and commissioning of our electrical cabinets.


I joined GPAI in 2017. I cable electrical cabinets for the gas, food, brewing and cosmetic industries. I am discovering just how many applications our products have.

Guillaume D

I have been part of the cabling-assembly team at GPAI since 2016. After my training period, I specialised in cabling cabinets for industry and assembling test banks.


I joined GPAI in October 2017 just after graduating from Industrial Electrician. I specialize in cabinet wiring for medical applications. I pay attention to the aesthetics aspects of my work: tidy...


Hired in 2017 after studying to be an engineer, I am a project manager in industrial electricity. I specialise in designs, studies, plans and carrying out industrial electricity projects.


I am one of the pioneers who founded GPAI in 2010. As head of the workshop, I manage the production team and the on-site installation team.


I joined the team in 2011. I am in charge of commercial relations with our customers in the medical, conveyance and steel sectors.

Jean-Paul T

Industrial Engineer, I joined GPAI in 2013 as Project Manager and Business Developper.


I joined GPAI in 2019. I specialize in cabinet wiring for medical applications. I pay attention to the aesthetics aspects of my work.


Je suis câbleur en électricité industrielle depuis 2015. Je participe à l’assemblage d’armoires de puissance dont j'assure la mise en service


With GPAI since 2019. I'm in charge of wiring electrical cabinets for gaz industries, food industries, breweries and cosmetics.

Laurent D

Industrial Electrician, I work in the wiring workshop since 2014. I specialize in projects for the medical sector for which rigor and precision are required. Today I am the leader of the medical team...

Pascal W

I have been part of the group since GPAI was created in 2010. My experience as a project manager in industrial electricity allows me to get involved across the board from preparing the sales proposal...

Nicolas D

Automat Engineer and project manager in process automation since 2015, I have wide expertise in cosmetic manufacturing processes and my speciality is control and oversight of industrial projects.